The Moore Brothers

American Blues and Roots Music

The Moore Brothers of South Bend (SB)
record and perform original & repertoire
Americana, roots and blues based music

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by The Moore Brothers of South Bend

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered 
by Frank Johnson
at Songflower Recording Studio,
South Bend, Indiana.

Additional tracks recorded by:  Geoff Michaels at Big Sky Recording Ann Arbor, Michigan #2, 4, 6, 12; Steve Yates at Chicago, Illinois #5, 8, 14, 16; Nathan James, Oceanside, California #6, 13; Ultrasuede, Cincinnati, Ohio #12

Cover Photo: Chris Semel
Set & Make-up: Alaina Moore
Model for Cover Drama: Heather Marks

Layout, design, other photos: Kopis All Media LLC

Original art for diorama and placard by George Borum, Possum County Folk Art

For “inspirement, ” support and advice

Special thanks to: James Harman, Larry/Di Gilmartin, Shotgun John, Curt Brown, Donna Sarns, John Ryder (for use of the Gretsch), Deacon Rice, Reverend Eddie Miller, John/Vicky Wolf, Jonathan Postel , Bruce/Robin Bickley, John/Pam Hedges, Ian/Fredi Foley, Tim/Linda Przybyz , Harvey/Armida Stauffer, Larry Willoughby, Ken/Liz Caliguiri, Steve/Velma Krupnik, Dave Gonzales, Tommy Yearsley, Mondo Cortez, Bernie P, Albertina/ The Midway Tavern, Junior and The Igniters, Ignition Music, Chloe Booker, The Careless Lovers, Wendy Smith, The Stewart Canyon Bunch (Ron, Pam, Kym, Tina, Sally,Wally), Mike Ross, the other Mike Ross, Geno G, Pam/Jeff Bickel, Dan/Mel Snow, Bob Frank, Pete/Shelly London, The Blue Lunch Band, Mike Daly, Matt Ficara, Al/Joan Stratnyer, Dan Sudhop, Paul King, Scott Ray, Karen Richards, Doug Martin, Bradley J., Jeff Harrell, Pitt’s Barbecue, Chris Stachwitz (for those amazing Arhoolie records!), Steve Saversky, Jay/Carla Zochowski, Hank Mowery, Count Bracey, Jr Valentine, the Panelli/ McGlinn/ Nall, Schreiber, and Dennig Families,  Fred/Jo Kurman, Pat Garvey, Chris Douglas, Brother Sage, Jeff Craft, Byrd Hale, Justin Flagle, Governor Davis, Thomas Addams, Albert Hairston, Orbit Music, Andy Hughes, Terry Rice, Rochelle Medaris, David Eades, Jack Ham, The Crew, Tim Yerington,  Tim Bennett.

Lead Vocals and Story Tellin’
Hank Mowery, Count Bracey, Junior Valentine
Steve Nardella #2, 12; Barrelhouse Chuck #5; Billy Seward #9; Tom Moore #1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13-15

Barrelhouse Chuck #5, 8, 14; Rickey Nye #1, 3, 4, 6, 12 (also B-3), 15; Erwin Helfer #16

Upright Bass
Brad Ber #1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 11        

Electric Bass
Chris Rumel #12; Brian Cook #13

Brian Fahey #1-4, 6, 7, 11, 15; Mike McCalmett #8, 9, 13, 14; Andy Conklin #12

Troy Amaro #2, 13 (solos); George Bedard #4, 6 (all solos); Scott Corey #6, 8, 9, 13 acoustic 7, 11; Steve Foresman #9; David Moore Solos on #1 , 7 , 8, 9 (2nd solo) and 11, electric rhythm guitar #2, 13, 14 (fills) acoustic guitar #5, acoustic slide #10; Tom Moore #9, 14

Jonny Viau &  The Bad Habit Horns

Backing Vocals
The Rapscallions are JoHn Kennedy, Kevin Scott Joiner, Donald Kopis (2, 9, 15), Tom Moore (2, 9) and Brad Ellis Berk (15)
The Sterling Street Gospellettes are Jetta Cruse, Abigail King, Christine O’Brien and Venitia Sekema (9).
Additional backing vocals Billy Seward and Kevin Scott Joiner (6)

This Album is dedicated to the Memory of Neil Otto Raabe, Thomas McGlinn, Tunney Watkins, Larry Platz, Bob Carter, Smokey Wilson, Yank Rachell and Big Jim.